Beta Reading Services

Beta readers are the invisible soldiers who fight for the strengths of your manuscript and provide you with a detailed report about your book before release.

For self-publishing authors, the help of a beta reader is essential, but it is hard to find a good, reliable beta reader. The one who provides complete, honest feedback and positive suggestions about manuscript improvement.

Our beta readers aren’t only successful authors and avid readers, they’ve already helped many authors (some of them became bestselling Amazon authors) to improve their work and release it to the world. 

They will provide you an overview report about:

  • Story Structure
  • Characters
  • Pacing
  • World Building
  • Dialogue
  • Inconsistencies & Plot Holes
  • Strengths & Weaknesses



The rate is $1.50 (£1.32) per 1000 words, rounded up or down to the closest 1000.

For example, a 5000 word novella costs $10 (£7.56) (minimum fee) while a 20,000 novella will be $30 (£22.67).

Each Beta Reading is standalone. Fees will apply again for a second round with a new draft as each round implies starting the work from scratch and as complete an analysis as the first time. For a third Beta Reading round of the same novel, a discounted rate of $1.00 (£0.76) will be offered. 

The average turn-around time is 2 weeks for books under 120,000 words. For novels longer than 130,000 words, expect 3 weeks. For books over 200,000 words, delivery dates will be discussed with the author.

For an extra $30 (£22.67), you can rush your order.



Regine is happy to read Everything Fiction: Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Fantasy, Urban, Contemporary, Dark Romance, LGBTQ, Menage, all heat levels from NA to Erotica.

Genres Regine will not work with: Non-Fiction, Poems, Literary Fiction, Bestiality, Rape/Pedophilia as titillation, Any work promoting Racism, Intolerance, Discrimination, Homophobia, etc.

Emma is happy to read most of the genres: Fiction and Non-Fiction. 

Genres Emma would prefer not to work with: Religious books, Art, Music, Poetry.


Beta readers are pre-publication readers who go through your manuscript as a general reader would, but with a critical eye, highlighting plot inconsistency, holes, dialogue issues, etc. Their goal is to help you improve your work and provide you with independent opinion about your story, characters and settings with a professional eye.

The term “beta reader” originated from the software industry, where programmers released a beta (test) version of a product to a group of people who agrees to test the program and provide with their honest feedback, pointing out bugs and errors. Beta readers of the publishing world test your books before you show it to the world, to let you know what to expect in your reviews and help you polish your work and catch the last imperfections.

Working on a manuscript for hours, days, months and even years, authors often get so immersed in the worlds created in their minds that they stop seeing their work objectively. Errors tend to happen:

  • Authors describe the world, scenes, and characters in a way that’s only clear to them;
  • The main plot point isn’t correctly resolved and leaves more questions than answers;
  • The events described in the book don’t add up;
  • The characters aren’t convincing or their reactions seem unnatural.

To avoid this, authors need an honest independent opinion about their story. The professional feedback of someone who wouldn’t lie to you to spare your feelings, but provide you with an honest and unbiased report about your book.

No. A beta reader concentrates on the plot and characters and doesn’t proofread or edit the errors. However, he can point out if you have noticeable typos and writing style issues. If you need and editor, please, visit our editing service page.

A manuscript critique is a more in-depth assessment than a standard beta read. It covers:

  • Opening scene
  • Characterization and motivation
  • Plot and conflict
  • Pacing
  • World building
  • Dialogue
  • Craft
  • Overall impression
  • Inconsistencies & plot holes
  • Strengths & weaknesses
  • Showing not telling
  • Filler words
  • Lazy writing
  • Writing ticks
  • And chapter by chapter analysis.

A substantive edit involves all of the above, but with inline comments of exactly where you need more or less detail, where the pace slows or rushes, plus editing to point out craft, grammar and spelling issues.

Usually authors go for 4-5 opinions. But you don’t always have to pay for a beta reader. A lot of authors do beta reading swap or exchange with favors. For some authors it works, for some it doesn’t.

It is a cheaper version, of course, and costs you nothing but your time, but there are potential cons:

  • Spending a week on reading the manuscript of your beta swap partner, you deliver on your promise but often get nothing in return when they don’t do yours;
  • You sent your book to an avid reader and they disappear without a word, receiving their free read;
  • You work hard, pointing all the problems in their book, and get only write back three lines of critique about yours;
  • The swap partner doesn’t want to hurt your feelings so coddles you rather than provide you with much needed feedback.
  • You provide constructive criticism of your swap partner’s manuscript and get bashed for it.

Hopefully, it won’t happen to you if you go for a beta reading swap, but for guaranteed top notch service, you can always rely on the professionalism of a Sublime Novel beta reader.


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