Many authors underestimate the importance of a book cover design, thinking that the content sells better than any fancy exterior. It is half of the truth. The cover is as important as the words and emotions you pour into your book. It is the first thing readers see on a bookshelf or on a thumbnail, the first thing that grabs their attention and urges them to read a blurb.

A book cover is the first and most powerful marketing tool no author should underestimate. However, a good cover is more than just a beautiful image. It also should look great on a thumbnail, convey the main theme and genre of your book and create an emotional engagement with your characters.

Finding the right cover designer is a challenging task. You not only invest money, but you also entrust a complete stranger to create the image of your brainchild, the first impression the whole world will see your creation. Therefore, you have to be sure the designer understands your needs and puts the welfare of your vision first.

As authors ourselves, we DO.




  • Visit out premade section to choose the cover you like.
  • Proceed with the checkout, providing us with information about your Author’s name, new title, and a tagline change.
  • Transfer the money.
  • Receive your book cover.
  • Choose your package.
  • If you have a strong image of your book cover design in your head – GREAT! We will be happy to provide you with two skillful hands to turn your idea into reality. We only ask for a detailed description of what you have in mind. If you don’t have an image in your head, we ask for a synopsis to gain a feel of the story, description of the world for sci-fi and fantasy genres, description of your characters (eyes color, hair color, skin color, scars, tattoos, piercing, spots and anything that can be related to the cover).
  • If possible, show us 2-3 examples of book covers you love. This will help your book cover designer understand you and discover the vibe you are longing to see on your cover.
  • Provide us with your Author name, the title of your book, tagline if available and any text that you wish to see on your book cover.
  • Go to and find the images you love. You don’t’ have to buy them, just email the links to us and we will buy them for no additional fee to you.
  • We also ask about your color preferences. Some people hate pink, some purple, some yellow.
  • Make a 50% deposit.
  • Provide us with the PayPal or Moneybookers email address you used to make your payment to let us know it is you.
  • Review the proof, and ask for revisions if needed.
  • Pay the remaining 50%.
  • Receive your covers.

Contact us to place an order or to discuss your individual needs.

This isn’t a problem. Many authors think about covers in the last moment, we understand that. Therefore we offer premade covers for an affordable price.

Visit our premade book covers section to find out more.

We provide with 1563 px wide X 2500 px high. This size is perfect for Amazon and Smashwords. If you need a different size, please inform us when you place an order.

We will provide JPEG High Resolution for your ebook cover and JPEG + PDF High Resolution for your paperback cover.

Sure you can. We will gladly make you a print-ready cover from one of our designs whenever you need.

We provide plenty of revision rounds to minimize this kind of experience, however, this could happen. Our goal is to make you happy with your cover, so we will gladly try to accommodate you. However, we might require an additional charge in such a case, or this will be a never-ending process.

Every package comes with a certain number of revisions you can use. But ones you set your mind on a cover design and we email you the final, publication-ready file, no revisions will be made after, or this will be a never-ending process. If happens you change your mind after the files were sent, we might require an additional charge to make further changes.

No. We don’t sell editable PSD versions. It will break our font license and stock license. If you need additional covers or manipulations, please contact us to discuss the changes.

Yes, we do. We provide you with a full book cover which includes front, spine and back design.

No, the sole rights to all images belong to the photographers and original image creators. But you do hold sole rights for your unique book cover.

For custom designs, we will provide you with 2 concepts based on the pictures you chose within 48 hours to narrow the idea and start the polishing process.

No. We never sell the same design twice and always provide new, original work. We do use some of the same stock images as many other designers, but our photo manipulations, additional textures, and effects make each cover unique.

You can sell up to 500 000 copies without restrictions. Once you reach that amount, you should buy an extended license under YOUR NAME for around $90 for an image directly from the stock site.

Every package comes with a certain number of royalty free images. Once you have settled on your stock images, we buy them. If a picture ends up not working for you after we have bought it, we will have to buy other images. Therefore, we will ask you to cover the additional charge this incurred. If you aren’t certain about your models, please inform us before we buy the images you chose so we can assist you.

If you have an image you want to use, our designer will ask you to confirm that you hold all the rights for commercial use. After this, we will gladly use this image for your cover.

To avoid this, we provide you with first drafts. You can reject the work at this stage and your deposit will be safely returned. Once you agree on a draft and we start working on it, you can’t back out.

If you liked the draft but don’t like the result, we provide a certain number of revisions to make you happy. If, after all the revisions, you still don’t like your cover, we reserve the right to keep your deposit and put the artwork in the premade section.

Absolutely. Check our social media packages to learn more.