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This is for authors who feel their project is almost there.

The service includes detailed, in-line comments, line and copy editing. I note the exact point in your manuscript where there is:

  • Excessive or lack of description
  • Character inconsistency
  • POV issues
  • Clarity
  • Pacing issues
  • Showing not telling
  • Lazy writing (suddenly/ realized/looked/moved)
  • Awkward phrasing
  • Repetitions
  • Word usage (blond/blonde)
  • Consistency (in Ch. 1 eyes were green, now they are brown)
  • Numbers (four vs. 4)
  • Run-on sentences

I note typos, but I cannot guarantee a 100% typo-free manuscript. I don’t check for historical/mythological accuracy. Being an expert on all periods/aspects of history is impossible, but if I notice an error, I’ll mention it.

How it works

Cost: £10 an hour.

  • Contact me for availability. Let me know work count and genre.
  • I will spend an hour editing your book for free, then return the marked document with my quote and an estimated completion date within two days.
  • As a guide, my editing speed varies between 4-7K words an hour depending on the quality of the manuscript.
  • If I feel you’ve jump the gun and requested a substantive edit before your manuscript is ready for this stage, I will let you know as soon as possible. You can request a manuscript critique and resubmit after you have improved the quality on your own.
  • The entire fee is payable via PayPal invoice before I start work.

 This is a big-picture assessment of your manuscript. Think of it as beta-reading with added developmental editing.

 I’ll note ‘reader issues’ such as when I worked out ‘whodunnit,’ when I had an urge to strangle or hug your protagonist, needed a cold shower, more coffee or a brick wall. If that was a reaction you intended from your reader at that point — great. If not...

As well as the above beta-reading, I provide a deeper level of feedback from an author’s point of view. I’ll help you get an idea of where your story is on its journey to publication, whether it still needs a lot of work and rewrites, or whether you can move on to a detailed substantive edit. You’ll get feedback on:

  • Opening scene
  • Characterization and motivation
  • Plot and conflict
  • Pacing
  • World building
  • Dialogue
  • Craft
  • Overall impression
  • Chapter by chapter summary

If you’d like an example of my report form, shout.

How it works

Cost: £1.25 per 1000 words. Rounded up to the nearest K.

  • Contact me for availability.
  • I’ll send a PayPal invoice.
  • Email your manuscript in Word or pdf. I’ll read every word and compile a 2-4K report.
  • I am happy to briefly discuss your book and any alterations you might be planning after I have returned my feedback.
  • Once I start work, your report will be with you within 1-2 weeks.
 Manuscript consultations

Are you just starting with a book or project idea?

Do you have some great story ideas and want to run them by someone to see if they make sense?

Do you have an outline and character sketches but you’re not sure if everything fits together?

Wondering if the plot is too complicated or simple?

It helps to share what’s on your mind and get an outside opinion.

  • Ask me anything about your story and get productive feedback
  • Organize your existing ideas about plot/genre
  • Pinpoint strengths and weaknesses
  • Put our heads together to brainstorm new possibilities
  • Clarify your concept

How it Works

Cost: £30

  • Contact me to ask about availability.
  • I’ll send my PayPal invoice.
  • You email me your story ideas and questions.
  • I’ll send back my initial thoughts. We can then have a brief exchange via email or Facebook Messenger with additional questions and comments.
 Publication readiness

One thing I’ve learned from running the largest peer review group on Goodreads is that many new indie authors hit the publish button too soon, and others never have the courage. If you want confirmation that your mum/friend/postman is telling the truth about your book being fantastic, this is the service for you.

I will provide a snapshot assessment of the general quality of your writing, your blurb and cover to see if it is ready for publication.

If it needs more work, I’ll make suggestions and let you know where to spend your time.

How it works

Cost: £30

  • Contact me to ask about availability.
  • I’ll send my PayPal invoice.
  • You email me your first chapter, blurb, cover, a brief synopsis of the book, your intended audience, and genre. Or, if your book is already on Amazon, send me the link so I can assess via the ‘look inside’ feature.
  • I will provide a brief report within 24-48 hrs.
 OOPS Detection

This service is for polished manuscripts that have already been edited. A final run through to check alterations produced after editing.  

If you jump the gun and request ‘oops detection’ before your manuscript is ready for this stage, I will let you know as soon as possible and point you to a more appropriate service.

Note: I cannot guarantee a 100% typo-free manuscript.

How it works

Cost: £1.25 per 1k words. 

  • Contact me for availability.
  • Send me your manuscript in Word.
  • I send a PayPal invoice.
  • Expect your manuscript to be returned 1-2 weeks after I start work.

About Emma Jaye

If you are looking for a passionate beta reader and content editor you’re in the right place. I’ve been in your shoes and learned the hard way that it is impossible to be objective when it comes to your own work. What you have in your head, may not be conveyed to your reader. I can help make that happen.

I stepped onto the rollercoaster ride of self-publishing in 2011 and have twenty-two books in various genres for sale on Amazon. My biggest mistake was thinking I could do everything myself.

I’m a mum with enough academic certificates to paper a wall, including BSc, BA, and MEd, of course I can multi-task. To me, my first few efforts were perfect. My family told me they were perfect. They weren’t.

I found out the cold, hard truth when I joined a Goodreads review group  and received some significantly painful critiques that were posted on amazon for everyone to see. I learned the painful golden rule of having a competent, knowledgeable reader look over my work BEFORE publication.

I now run that three thousand strong group of indie authors, have completed over three hundred reviews and swapped critiques with nearly a hundred and fifty fellow authors. Late in 2015, I began charging for my services as the number of people requesting help increased. Since then, I have worked with over forty satisfied clients, many of whom have become regular customers and friends.

I comment on pacing, character development, dialogue, motivation, setting, world building, plot holes and conflict, craft and overall impression. I’ll give it to you straight, what works, what doesn’t, and make suggestions on how to fix any problems.


Ditto about alternative approaches. What I really want is someone with creativity. Some readers hate a plot development in your story. No matter how many times you edit it or ensure it's written perfectly, readers still hate it because there's something deep within that tells them that this is not an acceptable plot event, for reasons that are sometimes inexplicable to the author. i.e. readers always want to see the "happily ever after" ending or they always want to see a small mystery resolved, even if it's not central to the book. So for the author who thought it was wonderful to begin with, it's a real struggle to change it without torpedoing the whole book, or even knowing what the reader hates. Emma helped with that.
Scott Spotson Author
Scott Spotson
Return customers are a mark of a good service, right? Well, count me among those returning to Emma for a beta read. Why? I won’t have anything unique to add to the other testimonials you’ll find on this thread, but I’ll reiterate the reasons that are most important to me. Emma doesn’t waste your time. She returns feedback when promised. It’s direct, actionable feedback, not the vaguely positive, vaguely negative drivel you sometimes get. And often, she’s able to provide thoughts about alternative approaches – always a help when you’ve hit a wall. So, I don’t go to Emma to get my ego stroked. I go to hear some direct, unvarnished, constructive criticism. If that’s what you’re seeking, look no further.
Bruce M. Perrin - Author
Bruce M. Perrin
When a writer has lived too long with a manuscript, a second pair of eyes is crucial to uncover mistakes and blind spots, and in this respect, Sublime Novels (and Emma in particular) did a fantastic job. Not only are the editorial suggestions spot-on, but the detailed manuscript critique provides valuable insights into what worked and what needs work. For new authors and those who've been around the block a few times, this service is well worth it. I don't think I'll publish another novel without first having Sublime Novels have a look.
KT McColl - Author
KT McColl
I’ve always been envious of Hemingway; for his writing, of course, but also because he had Max Perkins as his editor. Max brought the best writing of Hemmingway, Fitzgerald and Wolfe among others to the public. Imagine my joy when Emma became my Max. I’ve had more than a dozen editors and beta readers over the last thirty years, most of them good. I asked Emma to explore one critical issue for my current novel. She gave me exactly what I needed: More work—and a chance at excellence.
Robert A. Brown - writer
Robert Brown
Emma Jaye looked at my work, and I hadn't realised how much was wrong with it. She did a really good job of sorting it out. If there is something she doesn't like or thinks can be improved she will let you know, that's for sure. Suffice it to say, I am in the middle of a major rewrite, which is needed. I'll be using her services again for my next book as well.
l. N. Denison
l.N. Denison
Emma Jaye has not only been an amazing editor/beta reader for me, but she gives good feedback, is brutally honest and to the point so there's no crossed wires/confusion. She's also guided me along the way when it comes to self-publishing. I couldn't recommend her enough, and especially with those prices 😉
Anita Gray - author
Anita Gray
My immense THANK YOU for an amazing Editor and Betareader Emma Jaye. She is dedicated to her work, brutally honest, and has an amazing eye for the plot holes, character development and pace. She isn't only points on things that could be improved, she provides with explanations and articles about the topic. Thank you Emma for your feedback on my short story "And After Death".
Nero Seal Author
Nero Seal
There is nothing harder for me than proof-reading my own manuscript. I know when a manuscript is supposed to say, ‘give me your gun,’ and I’ll read it that way every time, even though it is actually written as, ‘give me you gun.’ But a very close second for me is knowing when I’ve failed to convey a feeling or emotion. I mean, I’m in my characters’ heads…or maybe, they’re in mine…but in any case, a feeling seems to be there in the text for me, even when it’s not for others. That’s where Emma’s content editing comes in. Like most beta readers, she’ll tell you if a character is a bit wooden, or the plot jumps around, or whatever. But what I really like about Emma’s feedback is that she will pinpoint an example or two…or twelve. There’s nothing like those short comments she makes – what’s he thinking, remind me of this person with a word or two, how does this place look or smell. It really helps me focus on some of the weaker sections. Thanks, Emma!
Bruce M. Perrin - Author
Bruce Perrin
You know that favorite little restaurant that serves THE BEST fresh baked bread? With homemade jelly? And has amazing coffee and perfect eggs and wonderful service and fabulous prices and you really want to tell everyone about the place, but...you kinda don't because you kinda don't want it to suddenly become too popular to still serve you? Well. I'm not giving up my table at the cafe for none of you people, but Emma's beta reading services are THE BEST thing since fresh baked bread with homemade jelly. Her comments are spot on and will help you take your writing up that extra notch that you just cant manage on your own. She has a keen eye not only for spotting things like repetitions and passive voice, but also for seeing ways to make your story more tangible for the reader. For sure, Emma's services are one of the best kept hole-in-the-wall secrets here on Goodreads and investing in her will pay for itself in ratings and sales. But like I said, don't expect me to make room for you. Not gonna happen.
Melonie Purcell - Author
Melonie Purcell
Emma, You are the best!! I sent you what I thought was a book that was ready to go to press, and thank the Lord that I did. For I had slipped backward from being an author, to being a storyteller. With this being the fifth book in the series, I am so involved with the characters, that as I wrote the story, personally I could envision every scene as I wrote it. The problem, which you found consistently through the book was that I did not let the reader envision the same images and feeling that I saw as I wrote the story. Our communications following your evaluation of the manuscript were helpful, positive, and inspiring. Please book me for early May, and I promise that you will get to read, no, lose yourself in the revised manuscript. It will also be a shorter novella length story as are the previous four books in the series. I got the idea into my head to push this one to novel length, which I no know is why it is so wordy. Thank you, Emma, you have cemented both my faith in you as an editor and as a person. Richard
Richard Nurse - Author
Richard Nurse
Emma Jaye has assessed my sci-fi novel and gave perfect feedback. She has great editing abilities, and being an author herself, this sharpens her line editing and beta reading capabilities. Very honest in telling the facts openly makes things crystal clear. Thanks Emma.
Matthew Ilayathu - Author
Matthew Ilayathu
I recently received very helpful feedback from Emma Jaye which is sure to improve my book. She's very clear in both her advice and opinion. Thanks, Emma 🙂
Rachel Thijssen - Author
Rachel Thijssen
I simply cannot say enough about Emma's beta reading services. This is an investment in your writing that you just can't skip. Here is how it works. You send her a manuscript that you think is pretty darn good (smashing if you're talking to yourself) and then you wait. In a shockingly short time frame, you get your beloved back along with a detailed report of its behavior in important areas like character development, world building and plot congruence. Not only that, but she also goes through your manuscript and finds the things your editor missed, points out passive voice, marks inconsistencies and tells you where you didn't do what you thought you did or gives feedback on how to do it better. I'm telling you, do not pass on Emma's beta reading services. She will help you get that final polish on your manuscript that it needs to make fun of other manuscripts on the playground stand out and get noticed.
Melonie Purcell - Author
Melonie Purcell
Thanks Emma for all the help you provided. Your feedback has not only helped me improving my book but also greatly improved my overall technique and writing skill. Thank you so much. I'm done with my new novel. Please do let me know when you are free for accepting new project.
Mariyam Hasnain - Author
Mariyam Hasnain
This is the second time I've had the pleasure of Emma beta reading/editing one of my novels and I can promise you there will be more! She's absolutely amazing. Very thorough with edits, insightful comments (humorous too!) with a comprehensive beta read report. Each time, I was able to make much needed improvements to my books. Her knowledge in the sci-fi genre was also invaluable to point out the flaws that would have had my readers all up in arms. Looking forward to next time 😀
Regine Abel - Author
Regine Abel
Thank you Emma for providing an extremely thorough edit and beta read report of my three children's manuscripts. I know now what I need to work on and improve. It's going to be hard work but thanks to your input, I'm sure the final product is going to be much better. My husband now wants to send his manuscript to you.
Faye Carlisle - Author
Faye Carlisle
My novel passed through Emma's Caudine Forks too, with very good results. It took me a while to digest all the recommendations, but they pushed me to realize that the vision I had in my mind was not always transferred into my book.
Florian Armas - Author
Florian Armas
Emma has just completed a thorough piece of work on my second book. I have to say that through her eyes I have been able to discern aspects of my story that needed enhancement, elimination and even a different perspective. Anyone who wishes to engage Emma's help with their MS will find a wealth of understanding applied to their work which can only improve the vision of the story they wish to share. I have come away from this association and experience having learned a few things. That's always a good place to be. Thanks Emma.
Robert Parker - Author
Robert Parker
I sent Emma my work "The Strange Life of Brandon Chambers" and she clearly detailed the weak points of the plot and made the crucial distinctions between two major themes in my novel; 1) having strange things happening to you as part of a true conspiracy, and 2) imagining what is around you because of psychosis. This distinction was key to resolving my novel, and also she suggested many ways to make the main character more likeable and connected to his peers, which is important in such a delicate subject matter. Thanks Emma.
Scott Spotson Author
Scott Spotson