Manuscript consultation

A manuscript consultation will help you recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your story, plot and character inconsistencies at whatever stage you happen to be.

Our editors provide fresh eyes for a work in progress to confirm you are on the right track and save you time in the rewriting and editing stages.

Manuscript consultation services include:

  • Organizing your ideas about plot/genre/characters development/personal traits/intrigue/etc.
  • Highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of your plot/writing/characters/pace and so on.
  • Brainstorming with new developments and possibilities via Facebook messenger or email.
  • Helping you to clarify the concept of your manuscript.
  • Providing the detailed, productive explanation to your every question.


Synopsis/outline evaluation:Detailed outline evaluation:First draft evaluation:Scene/chapter evaluation:

We will read, evaluate, comment and consult with you on your story and/or cover ideas based on the synopsis.

This package includes 30min FB chat or personal email exchange.

Do you have character/location ideas/back stories? A detailed chapter by chapter plan? Do you want to know if it’s time to forge ahead? We will read and consult on plot, pace, depth of characters/locations etc.

Includes 30 min FB messenger chat or personal email exchange.

Have you written your first draft and now you need fresh eyes to confirm everything is clear and you are on the right track? We will evaluate the plot, pace and provide with basic description/character analysis.

You’ve added in an extra scene, or edited one but you don’t need the whole manuscript checked? This is the one for you.

We will evaluate the characters’ motivation, scene building and description.

£30 plus £1 per 1K words ($39 plus $1.30 per 1K words).

£30 plus £1 per 1K words  ($39 plus $1.30 per 1K words).£1 per 1K ($1.30 per 1K words.)Price depends on whether editing or critique is needed.



Regine is happy to read Everything Fiction: Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Fantasy, Urban, Contemporary, Dark Romance, LGBTQ, Menage, all heat levels from NA to Erotica.

Genres Regine will not work with: Non-Fiction, Poems, Literary Fiction, Bestiality, Rape/Pedophilia as titillation, Any work promoting Racism, Intolerance, Discrimination, Homophobia, etc.

Emma is happy to read most of the genres: Fiction and Non-Fiction. 

Genres Emma would prefer not to work with: Religious books, Art, Music, Poetry.


Professional manuscript consulting is an in-depth evaluation of your project that helps you to detect problems with: plot/characters development/personal traits/intrigue/etc on any stage be it a draft, outline or a manuscript.

Worlds and characters live in an author’s head, but they don’t always transfer to paper with the first draft or even with the finished manuscript. Frustration that readers didn’t see what was obvious to a writer comes on a beta reading stage, following by hours or days of rewriting. This is essential when a deadline is around the corner.

Manuscript consulting service is an easy way to avoid this possibility. Our editors and authors can help spot problems on the outline stage, correct the plot development and save you hours of rewriting later.

No, we will not edit your work, but we will suggest changes and help you find solutions for the problematical parts.

If you need editing, please visit our editing service page.


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