A manuscript critique provides deep analysis from an editorial perspective. It is not suitable for raw first drafts but is designed as a mid-level polish. You will discover if your book has specific issues, but it will be up to you to hunt them down and correct them.

The feedback is honest, independent and based on the potential of the story and the quality of the writing.

The manuscript critique will point out weaknesses and strengths explaining ways to improve your project. Comments are based on genre fit and your vision for your book rather than personal ‘reader’ preferences.

Our manuscript critique service includes BetaReading + track changes in the manuscript and provides a detailed report about:

  • Opening Scene
  • Characterization and motivation
  • Plot and conflict
  • Pacing
  • Setting and world-building
  • Dialogue
  • Overall impression
  • Inconsistencies & plot holes
  • Strengths & weaknesses

And a detailed craft analysis including:

  • Showing not telling
  • Filler words
  • Lazy writing
  • Writing ticks
  • Capitalization
  • Repetition
  • Dialogue tags
  • POV issues
  • Sentence starters
  • Occasional typos
  • Chapter by chapter analysis.



The rate is £1.50 ($2.06) per 1000 words. Rounded up to the nearest K.

Each manuscript critique is subject to acceptance.  Some manuscripts are not ready for this stage and would benefit from a beta read first. Here at Sublime Novels, we aim to get your book to publication fitness for the lowest price.

The average turn-around time is one week or less once your professional commences work on your novel.  Please contact us for availability and state if you have a specific deadline. Booking as far in advance as possible is advised although we may be able to fit you in at short notice.

All rates are in GB Pounds.


Emma is happy to work with most genres, from erotica and thrillers to children’s books and some non-fiction.  She has a broad, higher academic background in science, humanities and education. However, she would prefer not to work with poetry, religious, music or art based manuscripts due to a lack of experience in these fields.  Please enquire using the form below to see if she would be a good fit for your book.


When a writer has lived too long with a manuscript, a second pair of eyes is crucial to uncover mistakes and blind spots, and in this respect, Sublime Novels (and Emma in particular) did a fantastic job. Not only are the editorial suggestions spot-on, but the detailed manuscript critique provides valuable insights into what worked and what needs work. For new authors and those who’ve been around the block a few times, this service is well worth it. I don’t think I’ll publish another novel without first having Sublime Novels have a look.

KT McColl - Author

KT McColl

Romance Author

I’ve always been envious of Hemingway; for his writing, of course, but also because he had Max Perkins as his editor. Max brought the best writing of Hemmingway, Fitzgerald and Wolfe among others to the public. Imagine my joy when Emma became my Max. I’ve had more than a dozen editors and beta readers over the last thirty years, most of them good. I asked Emma to explore one critical issue for my current novel. She gave me exactly what I needed: More work—and a chance at excellence.

Robert A. Brown - writer

Robert Brown


Emma Jaye has not only been an amazing editor/beta reader for me, but she gives good feedback, is brutally honest and to the point so there’s no crossed wires/confusion. She’s also guided me along the way when it comes to self-publishing. I couldn’t recommend her enough, and especially with those prices 😉

Anita Gray - author

Anita Gray Author

Amazon Bestselling Author

There is nothing harder for me than proof-reading my own manuscript. I know when a manuscript is supposed to say, ‘give me your gun,’ and I’ll read it that way every time, even though it is actually written as, ‘give me you gun.’ But a very close second for me is knowing when I’ve failed to convey a feeling or emotion. I mean, I’m in my characters’ heads…or maybe, they’re in mine…but in any case, a feeling seems to be there in the text for me, even when it’s not for others. That’s where Emma’s content editing comes in. Like most beta readers, she’ll tell you if a character is a bit wooden, or the plot jumps around, or whatever. But what I really like about Emma’s feedback is that she will pinpoint an example or two…or twelve. There’s nothing like those short comments she makes – what’s he thinking, remind me of this person with a word or two, how does this place look or smell. It really helps me focus on some of the weaker sections. Thanks, Emma!

Bruce M. Perrin - Author

Bruce Perrin


You know that favorite little restaurant that serves THE BEST fresh baked bread? With homemade jelly? And has amazing coffee and perfect eggs and wonderful service and fabulous prices and you really want to tell everyone about the place, but…you kinda don’t because you kinda don’t want it to suddenly become too popular to still serve you? Well. I’m not giving up my table at the cafe for none of you people, but Emma’s beta reading services are THE BEST thing since fresh baked bread with homemade jelly. Her comments are spot on and will help you take your writing up that extra notch that you just cant manage on your own. She has a keen eye not only for spotting things like repetitions and passive voice, but also for seeing ways to make your story more tangible for the reader. For sure, Emma’s services are one of the best kept hole-in-the-wall secrets here on Goodreads and investing in her will pay for itself in ratings and sales. But like I said, don’t expect me to make room for you. Not gonna happen.

Melonie Purcell


Emma Jaye looked at my work, and I hadn’t realised how much was wrong with it. She did a really good job of sorting it out. If there is something she doesn’t like or thinks can be improved she will let you know, that’s for sure. Suffice it to say, I am in the middle of a major rewrite, which is needed. I’ll be using her services again for my next book as well.

l. N. Denison

L.N. Denison


Emma, You are the best!! I sent you what I thought was a book that was ready to go to press, and thank the Lord that I did. For I had slipped backward from being an author, to being a storyteller. With this being the fifth book in the series, I am so involved with the characters, that as I wrote the story, personally I could envision every scene as I wrote it. The problem, which you found consistently through the book was that I did not let the reader envision the same images and feeling that I saw as I wrote the story. Our communications following your evaluation of the manuscript were helpful, positive, and inspiring. Please book me for early May, and I promise that you will get to read, no, lose yourself in the revised manuscript. It will also be a shorter novella length story as are the previous four books in the series. I got the idea into my head to push this one to novel length, which I no know is why it is so wordy. Thank you, Emma, you have cemented both my faith in you as an editor and as a person. Richard

Richard Nurse



Manuscript critiques are a beta read plus a professional assessment of writing style and faults. It will suggest corrections and warn about lazy writing, plot holes, writing ticks, etc.

Many authors fail to see the faults in their writing style. All of us have favorite words and phrases we use without thinking.  When we are rushing or tired we use lazy writing, passive voice, repetitive sentence starters, filler or filter words or tell things instead of showing them. A professional manuscript critique enables you to discover your writing foibles so you can eliminate them in the future. A manuscript critique will also help with plot holes, pace, characters development, world creation, description, consistency, and clarity.

No. Manuscript critiques help to improve the strengths of your story and writing style, but they don’t point out individual problems.  They will point out the first example of an issue, so you know what to look for in the rest of your manuscript. If you require errors to be noted individually in your manuscript, please check our editing section for our substantive edit service. The substantive edit service is charged by the hour, so it would benefit an author to make sure their manuscript is as ‘clean’ as possible before submission.

Beta reading provides you with detailed feedback from an avid reader. Our beta reading service provides you with a personal opinion given by a reader who is also a published author. A beta read will focus on large issues such as character development, dialogue, plot, etc.

A substantive edit is similar to a manuscript critique, but with inline comments of exactly where you need to improve the pace, wording, descriptions as well as grammar/spelling/style correction.

Although similar, manuscript critiques and beta reads provide different kinds of feedback. Usually, authors go for several beta readers, some free and some paid, for an early draft to sort out large issues. They then move on to a manuscript critique or substantive edit to eliminate more technical errors and finally an eagle-eyed proofreader for those last few ‘oops’ typo problems.


If you are ready to hire the manuscript critique, please fill the form below to check for availability.