Premade book covers FAQ

Premade book covers are ready to use covers that can be adapted for your usage within 24 hours.

Covers like this are great for authors who are in a hurry or for those who need a beautiful, professional cover without complex, personalized photo manipulations.

We take our pleasure in letting our imaginations run wild, this is why our premade covers are very affordable.  

The covers on this page are premade and available for purchase. The authors’ names as well as titles and taglines are examples and will be changed to your requirements.

How it works:

  • Pick the cover you like.
  • Click “Learn more” button.
  • Provide us with your author name, book title,  tagline (optional), and font change requests. It’ll help if you say you like the font on a particular cover on our site so we can see the style you prefer.
  • Fill the additional fields if you wish to purchase the paperback or audiobook cover upgrade.
  • Complete the payment and submit your order.
  • Your cover will be delivered within 24/48 hours.



A premade cover is a professionally created cover that can be bought as it is without custom specifications. It is a unique work of art, that will never be sold twice. In the purchase included:The unique design of the cover (all images used for the cover are included in the final price, no additional fee will be taken)

  • The unique design of the cover (all images used for the cover are included in the final price, no additional fee will be taken).
  • Font change (up to 3 times)
  • Copyright for commercial use.
  • Ready to use book cover JPEG High Resolution.

The initial price includes the eBook version. The paperback or audiobook cover design can be purchased for $50 each.

We provide the optimal size for Amazon and Smashwords is 1563 px wide X 2500 px high.

JPEG for the eBook cover and PDF (300 dpi) if you order an additional wrap around.

Yes, you can buy a single cover and order it to be made as a series. Up to 3 font changes are included. You can use them for 3 books. If you need more than 3 books, we will charge $10 for the title change.


Yes we can, but we require payment.

Not until you sell more then 500 000 versions of your book. Once you reach this amount, you would need to purchase the extended license in your own name for the images that was used, but not until then.

We might be able to change some details. If you have a specific question, please contact us before you make a payment to make sure we can assist you. For some changes an additional fee will be required.

Unfortunately, no.  We can’t provide you with the PSD version, because it breaks our font and image licenses.

Once you buy a premade cover – it is yours. No refund will be made. Please, think carefully before you purchase a cover. Once you pay – it is yours forever.

It isn’t obligatory, but we will be happy if you do.

Absolutely not. All out designs are unique and sold only once.

Yes, we do. Please check our custom covers section.

This is usually possible, but depends on the original artwork and what you want. Please contact us to learn more.