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Beta Reading

You’ve written your book, massaged it, polished it to the best of your ability and now you want to share it with the rest of the world. Hold on! Did you run it through a Beta Reader? Why do I need to do that, you ask? Because it’s the only way for an author to get objective feedback on the story.

Sending your novel to an editor before a Beta Reader has had a first run through it usually results in much higher editing fees.

A professional Beta Reader approaches your manuscript from start to finish as an average reader would. They offer in-depth, constructive criticism on the overall structure of your book, characterization, plot holes, pacing, and point out significant grammatical issues.

Beta Reading Service Details

Interested in retaining my services? Awesome! Here’s what you’ll be getting.

Things I will do:Things I don’t do:
  • Provide constructive criticism on:
    • Characters
    • Story arcs
    • World building
    • Dialogue
    • Inconsistencies
    • Plot holes
    • Pacing
  • Suggest improvements on all of the above
  • Comment directly in the manuscript’s Word document
  • Provide a beta reading report with a detailed analysis of your book
  • Treat your manuscript with the professionalism I expect for my own books
  • Return my feedback in a timely fashion.
  • Write or rewrite your book for you.
  • Coddle you.
  • Proofread your manuscript.
  • Line or Copy Edit your book.
  • Fact-checking.
  • Share, reproduce or release your manuscript in any form.
  • Write a public review of your book.


What I need from you

  • Polish your manuscript to the best of your ability. Huge amount typos or lack of punctuation make the story illegible.
  • Keep an open mind when reviewing my feedback. Critiquing other people’s work is very hard, but I promise to make it constructive and respectful so that your book can reach its fullest potential.
  • Outline any specific things you would like me to pay attention to while I’m Beta Reading when you submit the manuscript.

Remember that a Beta Reader doesn’t dictate the content of your book. We provide feedback and suggestion. YOU decide which ones you want to act on and which ones you don’t, if any.


Genre I will beta read:

As long as it is fiction, I love pretty much everything and anything, so bring it on! I’m open to YA, NA, Erotica, LGBTQ, Ménage, Dark Romance, Non-Romantic, Contemporary, Fantasy, Urban, Sci-Fi, etc.

What I will not read:

  • Non-Fiction
  • Poems
  • Literary Fiction
  • Bestiality
  • Rape/Pedophilia as titillation
  • Any work promoting Racism, Intolerance, Discrimination, Homophobia, etc.

I have a very high tolerance threshold for a lot of things. However, if your book falls in the “many people will seriously cringe” category, please message me first to know if I’m OK with it.


Beta Reading Fees:

My rate is $0.0015 per word, with a minimum of $10 for short stories falling below that minimum.

For example, a 5000 word novella will be $10 (minimum cost) while a 20,000 novella will be $30.

Each Beta Reading is standalone. If you wish to do a second round with a new draft, the fees will apply again as I will start the work from scratch and provide as complete an analysis as the first time. Should you want a third Beta Reading round of the same novel, a discounted rate of $0.001 will be offered.

Expect an average turn-around of 2-week for books under 120,000 words. If your book is longer than 130,000 words, expect 3 weeks. For books over 200,000 words, we will need to discuss delivery dates.

If you wish to get your book sooner, you can rush your order for $30.

All rates are in US dollars.


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My passion for books has driven me to take the dive into the wondrous world of creative writing. Although sci-fi and paranormal romance novels are my favorite, I enjoy reading and writing any genre, from clean romance to erotica, contemporary to dystopian, romantic comedy to dark romance, YA, MM, harems, you name it. If you wrote it, I’ll read it. A good story is a good story, period. My goal is to assist in making yours shine to the fullest.

As a self-published author, with four high-rated books under my belt, I understand all too well the challenges of trying to release professional quality-level novels on a budget. I got my own rude-awakening after finally caving in and submitting my first book for editing. A fresh pair of eyes allowed me to see the flaws I couldn’t, being too immersed in my own story.

I will pay close attention to character and story development, pacing, inconsistencies, world building and insuring your unique voice shines through. I will not rewrite your book but make suggestions on where and how you can improve it. Above all, I will explain the why behind every suggestion.

I am a Creative Director in video games with degrees in audio engineering and game design. With more than fourteen years of experience in the industry, and teaching the art of interactive storytelling to the next generation of designers, I live and breathe to create stories. That means, I will dissect every element of your project and ensure every part fits in a cohesive way. Whether in a book or a game, my goal is to take the audience on a memorable and emotional journey that will leave them reeling and begging for more. I can help you achieve that.

If covers and teasers are what you need, I’ve got you covered there too. In my field, artistic skills and a deep sense of aesthetics are required. I’ll do photo manipulation to give your book the pizzazz it deserves and make it stand out from the pack.

If you need your novel translated from English to French or English to French you’ve knocked on the right door. As a native French speaker and author myself, I understand that literal translation doesn’t work. You need to adapt sayings and idioms to the target culture or the subtleties and beauty of your work will get lost in translation – literally. I do 100% human translation, no software.


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Regine Abel is an exceptional beta reader. In-depth, honest, sharp, and fast, and provided brilliant aftercare. She was a massive help in the development of my debut novel BLAIRE, now one of the most talked about Dark Romance novels of 2017. I couldn’t have developed my story without her.
Anita Gray - author
Anita Gray