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Emma Jaye Profile

Emma Jaye:

A confirmed bibliophile, Emma has always been happiest with her nose in book, whether reading, writing or editing. It’s amazing what you can do one-handed. After collecting a sheaf of exam certificates, and doing a number of jobs, including scientist, tropical fish farmer and academic course writer/tutor. She is now a full-time novelist and beta reader and a fanatical reviewer and supporter of indie authors. She has published over twenty novels, following her muse wherever he takes her.

Emma runs the largest, and oldest, peer review group on GoodReads where, as well as shepherding members through non-reciprocal review rounds, she provides beta reading and content editing services.

If you only want a pat on the back, Emma might not be the beta reader for you. If you want to work with a dedicated, passionate professional who wants your story to shine even brighter, get in touch.

Romance, of all heat levels, fantasy, thrillers, sci-fi, speculative fiction, and horror are her preferred genres.

Regine Abel:

Regine Abel lives and breathes for design, art and creativity. As a professional Creative Director in video games, she has a keen critical eye for every aspect of a project, from narrative, to art, to cohesive universes and characters that take their target audience on epic journeys.

Before writing and publishing four books of her own, Regine worked with many others as a critique partner, beta reader and editor. She also taught Storytelling Through Level Design as part of Dawson College’s Game Design Program.

Fluent in both English and French, Regine has worked as translator for movie dubbing and documentary voice overs for Discovery Channel, Z-TV and Life Channel.

As part of her video game career, Regine has honed her artistic and software skills,  enabling her to design her own book covers, banners, teasers and even book formatting. If you seek the help of a professional with character/story development, beta reading, editing, French-English translation, book covers and marketing material, you’ve come to the right place.

Regine Abel's Profile
Nero Seal's Profile

Nero Seal:

Nero’s passion and career choices have always been in design and writing.

Nero has worked as a designer, journalist, SEO specialist and writer, gathering all the experience to became a bridge between fantasy and reality.

Working as a SEO specialist, Nero is well versed in the art of web design, being a writer he understands author’s needs. Fluent in Russian and English, Nero has experience in technical and literature translation.   

Trust Nero with book cover design, social media campaign design, teasers and banners, video trailers and video promo materials, web design and Russian-English translation.

About Sublime Novels.

Sublime Novels is a group of published authors who love helping fellow authors reach their dreams. By putting our creative and editing skills at your disposal, together, we can create your truly Sublime Novel.

Sublime Novels offers a wide range of services, from expert design, book trailers, site building and author branding to beta reading, editing and book translation, all at affordable prices.

Every creative product Sublime Novels offers is one-of-a-kind and receives personal, professional attention. You will never meet the same cover, banner or trailer as yours.

Check our portfolio, explore our service packages and contact us to raise your book and/or author brand to the next level.